The EXECUTIVE BLOCKCHAIN LABORATORY of ICI Bucharest is a partnership between reputable international universities and companies which provides Executives with a focused and flexible program, to advice their career development goals and position their organizations for future progress, towards transformational business.

The continuous technological restructuring of the global markets, makes this course highly relevant for adapting to the emerging needs of Industry 4.0, where knowledge about Blockchain technology, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things and 5G is needed at European level and useful to professional with specific business interests around the world.

The limited time that the Executives of companies have nowadays, is a decisive factor for the establishment of this laboratory, in order to facilitate continuous and participative learning. The course will allow you to update your knowledge about the emerging technologies in most fields of global activities, in an optimized study framework.

By collaborating with WebEx, a leading platform in online communication and distant learning services, we are able to broaden access to this program’s offerings in a collaborative and engaging study format that stays accurate to the quality of international standards and requirements.



Participants in Executive MBA level online courses are professionals looking to enhance their leadership skills. The online short course runs between 1 to 2+ months and is split into short and compact modules. The format enables participants to apply what they have learnt in the workplace during their careers, bringing added value of leading to the employees as well as boosting their own knowledge and development of new business models opportunities.

  • Focused on individual leadership development;
  • For experienced professionals who want to develop their leadership skills while they continue to advance their career and businesses;
  • Offers a great opportunity for participants to form a personal network with high-achieving academics and business professionals from many different sectors;
  • An EMBA level professional also has no age limit when you have enough experience. The average age of a participant perusing EMBA level courses is from 35 to 38+ years old;
  • Course is designed for professionals with 10+ years of responsible experience in their field of work;
  • EMBA programs cover business studies from a strategic perspective, extensively covering all aspects of the industry. If the participant is looking to use the degree to reach C-level and director titles, then she/he will want to pursue EMBA level courses;
  • Moderate or high costs of the courses are justified by a high level of added value;
  • Offers high job placement opportunity;
  • Certificate of Completion > Accreditation coming soon!